The Future is Cloudless: Fluence’s DePIN computing platform DAO and FLT token are now live

The Future is Cloudless: Fluence’s DePIN computing platform DAO and FLT token are now live

The world needs innovation. Innovation needs computing.

Builders deserve a world where they can create cutting edge products unrestricted by closed, proprietary corporate computing infrastructure and centralized backends. Today we are thrilled to announce that this world has just become closer. After years in the making, the Fluence DePIN computing platform is going live.

The launch is happening in two stages:

  1. The Fluence DAO and $FLT token go live on the Ethereum mainnet TODAY
  2. The Fluence Platform is to be deployed on InterPlanetary Consensus in following weeks

What is Fluence?

Fluence is the first decentralized “Cloudless” computing platform, providing an alternative to the internet oligopolists by removing the risks of centralized control, subjective censorship, and data lock-in. The unique advantages of Fluence are trustlessness and verifiability. Trustlessness comes from crypto-economic incentives that reward DePIN operators, while verifiability comes from cryptographic proofs of all computations. The platform provides an inexpensive, auditable alternative to developers who want to build safely and without platform risk.

Fluence aggregates CPU resources from top tier data centers around the world in a global, resilient, always on DePIN platform, allowing companies to go cloudless and avoid subjective censorship and data lock-in. 

One important use case is providing decentralized, verifiable compute to prove that AI engines are trained on specific data, and to prove that queries are executed without manipulation. The cloudless platform can also run open, decentralized AI models, free from hidden corporate bias and ensuring transparent, open and uncensored outputs. ​​To find out more, read Fluence co-founder Tom Trowbridge’s byline ‘The Importance Of Decentralized Compute In Running Unbiased, Uncensored AI’.

Network Participants

There are 3 main stakeholder groups within Fluence network:

  1. Compute providers: add compute resources, receive capacity rewards and earn USDC or any ERC-20 for useful compute jobs
  2. Delegators/Token Holders: stake with compute providers and earn staking rewards, as well as participate in governance
  3. Customers/Developers: Deploy serverless and verifiable compute jobs with savings of up to 80% and pay with USDC or any ERC-20 

$FLT Token

Fluence utilizes a two token model:
1) the rewarding, staking and governance token $FLT

2) the payment tokens, USDC or potentially any ERC-20, used by developers and customers to compensate compute providers.

The network trustlessness is ensured by the $FLT incentives system for compute providers, and unique verifiability of all computation jobs. Providers who confirm their capacity with minimum staked $FLT are rewarded with $FLT tokens in addition to stablecoin payments for fulfilling compute jobs.

Staking requirements and rewards vesting maximize locked capital that also serves as a collateral for correct computations. 

Learn more about $FLT tokenomics here.

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The Fluence DAO

In early February 2024, the Fluence DAO was officially incorporated in Switzerland. From the inception of Fluence Labs, our goal was to empower our community to govern and control the Fluence protocol in a genuinely decentralized way, and launching the Fluence DAO was a key step on this path.

The Fluence DAO governs the project and FLT holders determine the future of Fluence and the cloudless Web by voting to update the codebase, determine the roadmap, allocate treasury funds and invite new community members to provide infrastructure for their project via the Fluence network. 

Read the blog post covering various aspects of the DAO for more detail. Get involved in the DAO today on our governance forum.

Developer Rewards

To launch community involvement, the Fluence DAO allocated 5% of $FLT supply to web3 developers. We have included over 110,000 GitHub accounts of contributors to over 800,000 web3 repositories to the list, as well as people who starred, followed or forked Fluence main repositories on Github.

Developers can claim $FLT within the next 12 months, but the available allocation halves every three months. Rewards are on a first come, first serve basis until the allocation has been exhausted. Claimed $FLT is locked for 2 months from the claiming date, after which it is available for use in the protocol.

Claiming $FLT will require a proof of ownership of the Github account.

Claim opens tonight at 7 pm ET.

Powered by InterPlanetary Consensus

Fluence is proud to be the first project to launch on InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), a pioneering scaling technology from the creators of Protocol Labs, Filecoin and IPFS. 

IPC provides Fluence with the technological capabilities to operate a best-in-class blockchain backend (Fluence’s L2 chain) for the Fluence marketplace and advanced cryptographic proof verification capabilities including the verification of Fluence's Proof of Capacity. 

Progressive Scale and Decentralization

To ensure a secure launch,, proving compute capacity and running validators of the Fluence L2 chain is initially only available to a list of early partners. With further development, the DAO expects that anyone can become a provider on Fluence, run a validator, and monetize compute capacity.

Join the Celebration

If you’re at ETHDenver, join us in person today, February 27th at 3 pm MST to celebrate! Or watch the event livestream on YouTube. 

Let’s build the Cloudless Future together