Fluence Community Update

Fluence Community Update

Welcome to the latest Fluence community update. June has grown by leaps and bounds, with the introduction of the Capacity Commitment Protocol, as well as numerous integrations and partnerships with ecosystem projects on the horizon, while we walk our unique way towards decentralized serverless computing. Dive into the highlights for all the latest updates.

Major Developments

It is time to recap the announcements and launches in June: 

  • We introduced you to the Capacity Commitments Protocol, a protocol dedicated to proving that a particular compute capacity is really allocated for the Fluence Network. Our team lead Mike Voronov explained its function and relationship to Filecoin’s Interplanetary Consensus (IPC) on the recent Twitter space
  • With regards to Aqua, Fluence native programming language for distributed workflow coordination in p2p networks, we are working on support for different algorithms that could be deployed as standard libraries and used out of the box.
  • We released the DePIN Day Berlin 2024 Summary on Co-Creating the Future of DePIN. The Fluence team has been hosting DePIN Days around the globe - a series of events dedicated to exploring the forefront of research and development in DePIN. 
  • We released 4 new episodes of the DePINed podcast, hosted by Fluence co-founder Tom Trowbridge. Catch up on them here.
  • Our team lead Mike Voronov, held a workshop at Blockchain Professionals community day showcasing how developers can build with Aqua and Marine.

Other Announcements and Updates

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  • Learn more about Fluence and its unique approach to cloudless computing in this blog. 
  • Watch this talk on "Architecting a Sustainable DePIN Network” by our co-founder Tom Trowbridge where he highlighted Fluence’s unique features, including the cloudless components, the sustainability, and the staking mechanism. 
  • Cloudless Labs is hiring a Head of Community, an experienced web3 native community builder who loves DePIN, people, memes, and wants to join our marketing team.


We co-hosted an ETH Belgrade edition of DePIN Day, together with Ramo

  • Alexey Pyshenko spoke on main stage about building a resilient decentralized governance for DePIN compute network.
  • Alexey shared developer updates and explained Fluence architecture, cloudless compute, how it works from the developers perspective, and how to become a compute provider. 

And that’s a wrap! June has been an incredible ride filled with tons of development and interesting talks and presentations. We’re moving forward toward our goal of cloudless computing, with even more exciting news planned for you in July.

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