Fluence Developer Rewards - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Fluence Developer Reward program. In case of other questions, please drop into our Discord and we’ll support you at the earliest convenience.

How to find out if I am eligible for the airdrop?

First, check the public ssh key of your GitHub account has been set by https://github.com/<github account name>.keys. If there is no key displayed, your account wasn’t picked up. Now check that your key is either ed25519 or RSA. If not, your account wasn’t picked up. After that, make sure your account has been picked up by checking your GitHub username here: https://claim.fluence.network.

How is the eligibility determined? Does it happen on chain or only via Github activities?

Eligibility was determined by GitHub activity and eligible accounts were committed to merkle tree and on-chain commitment. The merkle proof generation, happens off-line and proof submission to the chain, if included, unlocks the reward.

Why do I need to run the local software instead of GitHub oauth for claiming airdrop?

Fluence is deeply committed to decentralization and Github OAuth is anything but a decentralized solution. The very same process has been used in the recent past by other projects and the local approach gives participants full control over the data, process and traces. This drop is intended for active Web3 developers in recognition for their hard work building Web3 and the feedback from core Web3 devs has been nothing but positive. Read the code https://github.com/fluencelabs/dev-rewards.

Why do I need to have the ssh key to claim the airdrop?

Because you need to be able to proof possession on the GitHub reward target account by means of generating a merkle proof that unlocks the rewards allocated in the on-chain contract via a merkle tree representation of the github account. This is a developer drop, read the code https://github.com/fluencelabs/dev-rewards.

Can I exchange the airdrop tokens?

You can exchange them to FLT after the 2 months lock up period since claiming.

If you starred the Fluence repositories years ago, are you also eligible for the developer reward?

Yes, we included everyone who starred repositories when we launched the program.

I did not have a github ssh key, is there a chance that I could still be eligible for the airdrop or was it necessary to have a github ssh key?

If your GitHub account didn’t provide the ECDSA or RSA public key, https://github.com/<github account name>.keys, your account was not picked up for Merkle Tree inclusion. If our account is eligible for a reward but you lost your private key, you will not be able to create a valid proof and unlock the reward.